Pixel Car Racer –   A thrilling and exhilarating mobile phone game created by StudioFurukawa.It was developed by Kesly Hayes and Calob Hayes.  This game can be played on Android and Apple devices. A car racing game where licensing is not needed.   Basically it is a drag racing and street racing game based in Japan and USA.  It is popular because the player can do a lot of customization and tune the features of his car. Not only that, it gives a great car racing experience in the virtual world. There are some very good graphics, sound design and most important of all it does not need an internet connection.  So the game can be played anywhere.  https://pixelcarracer.qmsconsultants.com/

METHOD OF GAME:   Two types of game modes are there.  One is free run and the other is Tournament.   Also another option is the Touge mode in which therace is conducted on the highways. In addition there are options such as Beginner, Amateur, and Expert.  The settings for the weather too are given such as winter, Rain, Night and Day.   Japanese Cars such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda etc. are included and American Cars such As Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge etc. Overall more than 100 cars are included.   Some cars such as Porsche 911 Carrera are not included due to copyright and other licenseissues.  So a pixel car racer might not get some particular race car of his choice as the makers are unable to get a valid license still.

UPDATES:  1955 Chevrolet Bel Air has been added in the recent update after getting the necessary license and permissions.  The “story mode” is not yet released and the fans are eagerly awaiting the same.

DETAILS:    This game has “cashpoints” or in-game currency.   The currency can be saved and can be used to improve the game playing skills.   So when you earn enough points you can purchase better cars or upgrade the existing car.  This game also has option of microtransactions. An attractive feature is also the use of Nitro.   This acts as a speed booster and is essential for winning the race.  This too has to be collected by performing proper race and other specific activities during the race.

MAJOR TIPS IN PLAYING THE GAME:  the first TIP in playing the game is to unlock a new car.   For a good racing performance, the player needs a high speed car with which he can dominate the other opponents in the race.   So he needs to save up enough funds so that he can invest in a high performance car or even use the points to upgrade the existing car.

Another TIP is to practice and practice so that the racing skills are sharpened.    Initially the player needs to focus only on using the accelerator.   After that try the gear shifting option in the Amateur mode.   Once this expertise is gained, the player can then start using the clutch and other elements under the expert mode.

Overall, the Pixel car racing game is a virtual racing game.  The total package includes a huge variety of cars, realistic engine system, social media connection and car upgrades etc.   On the whole, it gives a challenging racing experience and is fun to play.

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